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Netflix is more a cultural phenomenon that mere media streaming service. Most people use it either at home or on the move and it has changed how we consume content forever.These unfortunates as well as cellphone users will particularly benefit from knowing how much data Netflix uses.

How much data does Netflix use? If you've ever wondered about this, you aren't alone.Ever wondered how much data you need to stream a show (or movie) on Netflix? You aren’t alone. The rough answer is from 1GB per hour to 7GB per hour depending on the video quality you choose.

How Much Data Netflix Uses (and How to Control It) | Tom's Guide 3. Scroll Down to Netflix. 4. Check Your Data Usage. Now that you've found Netflix, you can see from that screen how much data the app has consumed on cellular networks. How to reduce Netflix data usage - In this post, we will see how much data Netflix uses and how to reduce the amount of data used by Netflix when streaming. With finer controls over the streaming quality, we should be able to significantly reduce our data usage without limiting our time watching Netflix. How Much Data Does Netflix Use? | iSelect Save Data: this setting lets you watch Netflix for about 6 hours per gigabyte of data. Maximum Data: this could use as much as 1 gigabyte of data for every 20 minutes you watch, so it's best not to choose this setting unless you have unlimited data.

We all love Netflix. But when it comes to streaming data usage, making sure Netflix doesn’t cost you an extra chunk of money is important. If you’re watching Netflix using your monthly data plan through your cellular carrier, you’ll want to be aware of just how much Netflix data usage you're doing. You might also want to set limiations on how much data Netflix uses, which we’ll show you how to implement below. How Much Data Does Netflix Use? - We live in an age of prolific media streaming, with services like Netflix leading the charge. At the same time, we also live in an age where capped data packages for home internet is something that many people have to deal with. How Much Data Netflix Uses (and How to Control It) | Tom's ... By choosing for yourself the video quality you desire, you can easily reduce your data usage while still being able to stream Netflix wherever you go. 1. Go to How to reduce Netflix data usage -

With data usage ranging from 300MB per hour to 4.7GB per hour Netflix can meet a wide range of data caps. Netflix also allows you to control how much bandwidth you want to use from your account page. Currently Netflix is the only one of the big three to allow you to set your data usage. Hulu use to offer the option but it has disappeared from their settings as of this posting. Bellow you can ...

Caution: Streaming video will chew through your 4G iPad data

How to Reduce Netflix Mobile Data Usage on iPhone

How to Reduce the Amount of Data (and Bandwidth) Streaming ...

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